Who We Are

Just 1 incorporated is a Faith-Based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment of underprivileged and disenfranchised children/youth. Through targeted and individualized education programs, we nurture and groom successful individuals and leaders equipped with tools to navigate the complex future. Just 1 has actively engaged with beneficiaries and community organizations/leaders to foster a healthy and friendly environment through community cleaning, playground reform, book giveaways, reading clubs, teaching good health and hygiene practices, mobile clothing outreach-Hilda's Closet, feeding program, etc. We believe individual and personal development will have a positive impact on not just the individual but to impact society. We firmly share in this notion and also belief that transforming the life of a Just 1 child will eventually have a positive outcome on the global village.

Our Causes


Spiritual Growth and Development
Vocational Training
Community Outreach
Leisure Activities Emersion
Life Skills Development


Tuition Assistance


School Supplies
Educational Tools
Nutritional Support


We currently work in three countries: USA, Liberia and Jamaica.

Primary Projects in Liberia

* 1,000 Books donations Annually
* Tuition scholarship and uniforms
* Reading program for children out of school
* Feeding programs
* Class Rooms makeovers
* Mobile clothing and shoes drive in underdeveloped communities
* Motivational and inspirational engagements giving hope to the hopeless
* Self-care and hygiene training
* Market place pop-ups for children out of school or displaced youth

Secondary Projects in Liberia

* Feeding of First line workers at partner hospital ELWA
* Providing PPE and uniforms for Healthcare workers
* Providing Hospital Gowns, towels, and sheets
* Pampers and clothes drive for clinics and hospital pediatric
* Community feeding in underserved Communities

Projects in the U.S.

* Empowering African American Children in underserved communities through the teaching of African cultures, histories, and village concepts of living.
* Seniors Home delivery feeding program in underserved neighborhoods.
* Mobile feeding programs for homeless persons in lower income communities

Projects in Jamaica

* School supplies, bookbags, and Hygiene products for Elementary partner school in- Trench Town JA
* Books, hygiene products and snacks to Home for Victimized girls- St. Catherine JA


Founder & Servant

A loving and humbled mother of 3 exceptional children is known as” Mother of Many".

Conwree, the CEO of Just 1 Inc., desires to transform the lives of underprivileged children globally and leave an immense legacy that will change their future and the trajectory of an entire village and global communities. A committed servant leader in her family, Church, communities, and organizations. She is a devoted voice for the unjust and human rights violation against voiceless children globally. Being a native born of Liberia, West Africa, she was saddened as she watched and grieved the suffering of children in her homeland due to many years of brutal civil war and later, the devastating Ebola epidemic. Those contributing factors compelled her to be a source of help to one child at a time through mentorship, educational sponsorships, and feeding/clothing mobile programs. Conwree, is a humanitarian, philanthropist, career Healthcare/IT Project Coordinator, and studied Christain Leadership at Asbury Theological Seminary. She loves and enjoys worshiping, dancing, sports especially, soccer, basketball and track & field. The Just 1 Inc CEO's daily Prayer is to continue giving hope to the hopeless, making life- changing impact in the life of just 1 child at a time, and putting smiles on the faces of underprivileged children wherever she is led.

Self Inspirational Verses:
Galatians 6:9
Luke 1:37
Mathew 5:16
Proverbs 3:5-7

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